Stucanet Ripstaal Nederland

Stucanet Mesh

Light and strong, flexible, easy to assemble. Stucanet is a wire panel made of a welded mesh of galvanized steel wires with low carbon content. Between the running wires and the weft wires is a perforated moisture-absorbing cardboard. The perforations allow the mortar to be applied manually or mechanically and to adhere around the steel wires.

Stucanet is the ideal plaster carrier for all plastering work, interior and exterior plastering with plaster (only for interior plastering), lime, lime cement or cement mortars.

Our product range consists of:

Producten Oppervlak
Stucanet S Stucanet S has 2 parallel round fixing threads and can be used in both flat and non-flat applications (e.g. arc forming). This is because Stucanet® S can be easily folded to shape in all directions, unlike Stucanet 80.
Stucanet 80 Stucanet 80 has a solid flat wire for fixing and its higher rigidity makes it the ideal plaster carrier for flat applications such as ceilings and walls. Thanks to its higher stiffness, Stucanet® 80 makes it possible to work with higher spacings between, for example, wooden rafters or IPE profiles. Both types are 70 cm wide and 240 cm long.
Stucanet RVS On request Stucanet is also available in stainless steel.

Bricanion Lath

Bricanion Lath helps prevent cracking in stucco.
Stone gauze is a plaster carrier and consists of a woven mat of metal wire with at the intersections of the wires studs baked clay in a cross shape.

Steengaas Ripstaal Nederland
Producten Oppervlak Afmeting LxB
Normal stone mesh (rolls) 5 m2 4,92 m x 1,02 m
Normal stone mesh (folded strips) 5m2 4,92 m x 20,30 en 50 cm*
Normal stone mesh (DHZ rolls) 2,5m2 2,46 m x 1,02 m
Stainless steel stone mesh (rolls) 6m2 5,88 m x 1,02 m
Stainless steel stone mesh (folded strips) 5m2 5,88 m x 50 cm*

The sizes mentioned are approximate *= other widths are possible on request

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Ripstaal is always looking for the simplest and most effective solutions so that you can reach your goal as quickly as possible.

We are one of the few parties in Europe to produce the entire range of finishing materials for construction (e.g. building boards, Drywall Reveal Plasterboard®) and metal stucco profiles (e.g. plastic, tile profiles) in-house.

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