StarDrain line channel

What is the StarDrain line channel?

The Ripstaal StarDrain is a line channel consisting of a plastic (PVC) channel element with an aluminium design grid. This channel is used around the house where there is no traffic load. The water from the Ripstaal Stardrain line chute can be discharged into the sewer or infiltration system. This can be done by means of a side or bottom drain. Draining the water to an infiltration system is very sustainable and furthermore improve the water balance of the soil.

Lijngoot Ripstaal Stardrain Nederland
Lijngoot Ripstaal Stardrain Nederland


Perfect quality

Perfect quality

Quick and easy installation.
Time saving

Time saving

The labour hours for finishing will be shorted up to 2 hours on every corner.
Economically priced

Economically priced

Price-quality guarantee.
Different dimensions available

Different dimensions available

Possibility for a side and bottom drain.
Renovations & Construction Projects

Renovations & Construction Projects

Labour time will be reduced by up to 2 hours per angle.
Sustainable product

Sustainable product

Improves the water balance of the soil.

StarDrain specifications

The Ripstaal Stardrain line channel has the possibility for side and bottom drain. The side outlet is integrated in the end plate, the bottom outlet in a connection piece.

For the lower drain you should drill a Ø45mm hole in the bottom of the gutter using a hole saw.

Lijngoot Ripstaal Stardrain Nederland

Recommendations from Ripstaal

  • With new paving, we advise you to tension a wire to determine the height level. Always set the grid 3 mm below the wire.
  • If you are installing the gutter in an existing paving, we recommend that you make a template with the desired height from wood.
  • If the channel is laid along an upright wall, the wing of the coupler should be cut off on that side.

Benefits for the end user

Working with limited dust and clutter. With the StarDrain line channel made by Ripstaal you can quickly create lineair drainage systems. Line drainage systems  are used for the drainage of water at the terrace, swimming pool, homes and commercial buildings.

  • Sleek and permanently beautiful end result
  • Strong and impact-resistant
  • Quickly finished

Benefits for the professional

You have the ability to shorten the channel to any desired length by sawing. All plastic parts can be waterproof connected to each other with PVC glue.



  • Processes quickly, saves labour time
  • Limited substructure
  • Plastic / aluminium

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